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Welcome to Rezident Management

Thank you for choosing Rezident Management Group. There are many reasons why you stopped by and we are excited you are here! You have just entered a world filled with talented DJz, artists, musicians and the like. So if you are here to book talent we can provide the best. If you, the driven artist, is here looking for management and development we can assist you. Lastly, if you are here to be a part of our weekly high-energy events, or simply to follow your favorite Rezident YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

What is our definition of a Rezident:

Our definition of the term Rezident, derived from the word Resident...

Why become a Rezident

If you are searching for development or management we can help.

Become a Rezident

if you are a DJ, musician, or a comedian become a Rezident to get the exposure that you need.